APRIL 2020
Arbutus Automatic Skeleton Watch Collection – AR1902

A watch is more than just a regular accessory on your wrist. Choosing the right piece that can fit into your daily life is however, no easy feat. With technology advancing by the day, many watchmakers are searching for ways to enhance the movements for their automatic watches. Aesthetics aside, Arbutus prioritizes the type of movement used in their watches and would only use the best available while remaining affordable, which proves why Arbutus is worth purchasing.

Introducing the Arbutus Automatic Skeleton Watch Collection –AR1902. The skeletal design of the watch makes it an intriguing piece to keep for oneself.

Arbutus is exclusively distributed by Crystal Time, the official watch distributor for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Arbutus Dual-time Automatic timepiece - AR1905

As the world advances by the minute, society is constantly living in a globalised world where time zones become blurred. Be it travelling for a holiday or getting on that conference call between Tokyo or New York, having a watch that has the dual-time function be useful in many ways.  Having a timepiece that not just serves its function but also aesthetically pleasing to switch easy from the city travel to the boardroom is a bonus. A good timepiece is an expression of one’s style and elegance.


Arbutus prides itself in producing quality mechanical watches modified with watch parts from Switzerland. While focusing on inner mechanisms of the watches, Arbutus does not compromise on the designs and aesthetics of the watches for fashion-oriented watch enthusiasts.

With that, Arbutus has launched the latest collection of Arbutus Dual-time Automatic timepiece - AR1905.

Arbutus is officially distributed by Crystal Time, in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.