Luminox ‘Never Give Up’ Story – Kalai Vanen

What does not break you makes you stronger. Luminox has always drawn inspiration from the Navy SEALs with their slogan ‘The Only Easy Day was Yesterday’ to create its watch collections. Luminox now aims to highlight the personal motto, ‘Never Give Up’, of our Luminox brand ambassador, Bear Grylls. The Luminox Never Give Up Campaign will see Luminox interview 4 para-athletes from the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) who will share about their inspirational stories stemming from their “Never Give Up” spirit. It will highlight their life-changing moments and encourage us to persevere whenever we face challenges.


The 3rd para-athlete is Kalai Vanen, a para-powerlifter. Kalai was born a normal able-bodied person and was a regular in the Singapore Armed Forces as an Officer. There came a period of time when it was discovered that he had a tumour growing in his left leg. This resulted in him having to amputate his left leg, just above the left knee, and now he walks with crutches in both hands. However, due to his experience as a military officer, he always held a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude towards life and did not let the impairment bring his spirits down.

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Luminox ‘Never Give Up’ Story – Muhammad Diroy Bin Noordin

As 2020 draws to an end, it has been a year of challenges with the pandemic. It is a test of mental strength, perseverance and a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude that many have shown to overcome any difficulties.  Coincidentally, ‘Never Give Up’ is also the personal slogan of Luminox brand ambassador, Bear Grylls. Luminox aims to highlight this motto with the Luminox Never Give Up Campaign which shares inspiration stories of 4 para-athletes from the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC).


The last para-athlete of the Luminox Never Give Up campaign is Muhammad Diroy Bin Noordin, a para-athlete for athletics. Diroy was born with a condition called ‘dwarfism’ or ‘short stature’. As a result, he is shorter in height and length of limbs when compared to a normal person. His condition prevented him from living life normally and he encountered many difficulties over the years. This changed when he picked up athletics, with the initial goal to keep fit and build muscle mass. Little did he know, he would then go on to represent Singapore in the short put and javelin competitions.  

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